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Under a program originally called Recreation Site Facility Master Planning, the Forest Service is conducting an inventory and ranking of all developed recreation sites, and closing or downscaling those that cannot pay their own way in fees. 

In a 2006 report, the Western Slope No-Fee Coalition projected that 3,000 to 5,000 developed recreation sites will be closed, decommissioned, or otherwise removed from the developed recreation program under RSFMP. Our report charged the Forest Service with acting in secret, and was followed by a flurry of negative publicity nationwide.

The Forest Service reacted by calling a halt to all decision making while a review team convened by then-Chief Dale Bosworth studied whether public participation was adequate. The review team delivered its report to current Chief Abigail Kimbell on April 2, 2007. When it had still not been released to the public seven weeks later, WSNFC charged the Forest Service with keeping it under wraps.

The review team's report was finally released on May 26, 2007. It confirmed our charge that RSFMP was a completely internal process with no public participation, but its only effect on the program was to change its name to Recreation Facility Analysis. WSNFC issued an update to our original report, analyzing the review team's findings.

Since then, forests have continued their planning under the new name of Recreation Facility Analysis, with highly variable levels of public participation. A Forest Service website shows the current status of all National Forest RFA planning. Note that many Forests are shown as "in the process of implementing" their plans but not all of those have been made available to the public, and public participation continues to be minimal, shallow, and disjointed. Our summary of the management changes planned on Forests whose plans have been released is available here, and you can read and download the individual plans that have been released here.

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